Threat Mitigation


Through examination of how sophisticated threats exploit gaps in defenses and security policies, we identify risks to your organization's business processes and tailor our response based on timeline, acceptable cost, requirements from legal authorities, and acceptance of risk. Our threat mitigation service applies our understanding of advanced adversary capabilities and tradecraft to assist your organization in implementing an effective strategy to perform successful remediation after an intrusion and to develop better defenses against these adversaries when they try to come back.


  • Insider threat investigations

  • Active shooter scenarios

  • Behavorial patterns and analysis

  • Employee training for potential problem identification





Our law enforcement experience has made us familiar with all forms of espionage and social engineering attacks. We have used advanced intelligence-gathering devices in our law enforcement careers and continue to utilize our skills for the purpose of counter-intelligence. We can respond to suspicions of physical eavesdropping devices as well as their digital counterparts.
Our team can sweep networks, computers, and mobile devices for malware of any level, including government- and commercial-grade. Our technical knowhow and state-of-the-art equipment can detect all forms of eavesdropping devices regardless of their level of sophistication.


  • Program protection

  • Surveillance

  • Surveillance detection

  • Potential threat analysis

  • Security briefs and debriefs

  • Foreign travel briefs

  • Infrastructure support and analysis



Horus is trusted by corporations and their counsel to respond to sensitive matters with a comprehensive investigations strategy, combining an understanding of the government, regulatory, legal and business implications, a defined investigative methodology using field-proven techniques and advanced technologies that anticipates key investigation, forensics preservation and legal issues. Our expert testimony is designed to withstand opposing scrutiny and provide our clients and their counsel with certainty in litigation or discovery matters.


  • White collar crime

  • Corporate investigations

  • Litigation support and expert testimony

  • Electronic fraud

  • Surveillance

Cyber Security and Forensics


Horus computer forensics examiners have years of extensive experience conducting forensic examinations both as law enforcement agents and in private practice. The firm offers full service computer forensics support and guides clients through every phase of an investigation from identifying the assets that may contain relevant data to collaborating with law enforcement to secure a conviction, if appropriate.


  • Data mining and analytics

  • Digital theft of intellectual property

  • Electronic forgery

  • Mobile devices and phones

  • Spoliation of electronic evidence

  • Illegal material

  • White hat security

  • Red Team / Blue Team

  • Penetration testing

  • Hardware and software analysis

  • Secure communications testing

  • Social engineering

  • Child pornography